The Pretty Basic Positions of Ballet

Positions of Ballet Tips: Dance is a way for people to express themselves artistically and creatively.

This comes in various genres that date back as far as ancient times up until the modern-day, Positions of Ballet Idea. A type of dance that is considered one of the most artistic forms is ballet.

The word ballet comes from the Italian word “ballare”, which means to dance. It has been practiced since the 15th century as a means of expression through movement for people of all ages and continued to grow artistically through the years that have passed.

In its earlier years, ballet dances were performed on stages where people sat comfortably to watch. The music that accompanied the dance was often classical pieces that were satisfying for the audience as well. Ballet Position Tips: Different costumes would be used such as masks, headdresses, and various other layers to capture the attention of the audience before the dancers. 유아발레복 – 프리티발레

Modern times have involved different genres into ballet performances other than the usual background accompaniment of timeless pieces. Now, people would make use of instrumentals and tracks that are written and composed by artists of the era.

A Gist on Ballet Dance

Ballet is a performance that boasts graceful choreography. One thing you would quickly notice when watching a ballet presentation is the way the dancers move to the music; wherein it seems like they are flowing to sound as it fills the room. Through these movements, ballet dancers are able to express their emotions and the feelings of the song as well as convey the messages of the creators of the pieces.

Compared to modern-day ballet, traditional ballet dances would often make use of their surroundings and the items that are around them in order to create a stage that represents a story. Modern ballet performances mostly make use of different forms and focus more on the creativity of expression involved rather than the general message.

Until the present time, ballet continues to serve as a unique and greatly artistic kind of expression through movement. Like other dances, learning ballet isn’t the simplest task. However, with just the right passion for it and admiration, anyone will be able to execute it smoothly.

The Basic Positions of Ballet

While ballet may seem like a compilation of graceful movements, each of these holds a different meaning. Instead of directly bringing out your emotions through the movements that you make, ballet actually enables you to convey these feelings and messages with the help of well-thought-out choreography.

But before getting to these points, you would have to first learn the basics of ballet. In ballet dance, there are positions to learn in order for you to keep your form throughout your performance. Learning these will allow you to adapt techniques in maintaining the gracefulness of your movement during the dance.

First Position

To start, you would need to have your heels together while keeping your toes pointed outward on either side. Your legs should be straight and turned out to follow the position of your feet.

Second Position

With your legs straight and your feet turned out to each side (likewise the first position), set your heels apart. Make sure they are not touching and are about a hip-width apart from each other. 발레복

Third Position

Following this, the next position requires you to go back to the first one but instead, you would have to slide the heel of one foot toward the other. The heel of the moving foot should be in line with the middle of your steady foot. Be sure to keep both feet in the same position of pointing out in opposite directions.

Fourth Position

Next, stand on one foot and set it about a foot’s length in front of the other. Both your feet should still be pointing at the direction opposite of each other. However, the toes of the back foot must be lined up with the front foot’s heel.

Positions of Ballet: Fifth Position

The last position is said to be a challenging one. The position is almost similar to the fourth without the gap in between both feet. Your toes should be directly in front of the other foot’s heel while making sure that your legs remain turned out and straight.

These positions serve as the building blocks of ballet dance. It will be your foundation when it comes to learning how to keep your form properly and allow you to easily execute movements that are flowy and pleasant. 유아발레복


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